• Sabancı Holding

    Hakan Akbas has worked closely with Ms. Güler Sabanci, Chairperson of Sabanci Group as her President of Strategy & Business Development. In 2010, Sabanci was listed as the third businesswoman in Financial Times' '2010 Women at the Top ranking' of 50 prominent businesswomen around the world.

    Hakan Akbas has worked for Mr. Ahmet Dordüncü who was the CEO of Sabanci Holding until 2011. Mr. Dordüncü is currently a board member of International Paper.

    Prior to Sabanci Holding in Turkey, Hakan lived in the US for 15 years working for several blue-chip companies:

  • EMC document Sciences

    “Hakan was very instrumental in helping Document Sciences increase its business and awareness in the complex document management space. He leveraged his expertise, contacts, and experience to help the sales and marketing teams deliver the right message about Document Sciences solutions to the financial services industry. I would highly recommend Hakan to any organization that is looking for a seasoned professional to help it grow internationally.” Juzar Hasta, Director, Solution Sales, EMC worked with HAKAN at EMC Document Sciences San Diego, USA / Beijing, China

    “Hakan is very driven and goal oriented. When he joined Document Sciences as CMO, he quickly restructured our marketing team and put in place an actionable plan to significantly revamp our strategic marketing. He was able to get things accomplished quickly and efficiently. Hakan also contributed significantly to formulating Document Sciences' strategic vision to differentiate it clearly from its competitors.” Nasser Barghouti, CTO, Document Sciences Corporation worked with HAKAN at EMC Document Sciences San Diego, USA / Beijing, China

    “Hakan possesses acute analytical skills and rapidly interprets and processes complex data and scenarios. As a client, Hakan was always very informed and current on the industry, and utilized this information to develop successful strategies and programs. Engaging with Hakan was always a pleasure.” Kemal Carr, President, Madison Advisors was with another company when working with HAKAN at Document Sciences Corporation - a division of EMC

    “I have worked with Hakan over a period of time. He has both strategic and tactical skills. His understanding of the document industry is among the best. He not only has a solid grasp of the existing state but can see how the market might change in innovative ways.” Charlie Corr, Group Director, InfoTrends was a consultant or contractor to HAKAN at Document Sciences Corporation

  • ACS

    “Hakan is a dedicated individual who brought a depth of global perspective to my expansion of Document Management Services in the company's emerging markets. His wisdom and effort brought many good ideas and resources to bear on the successfull XGS growth of Xerox Developing Markets Organization.” Tracy Mendez, VP, Global Services, Developing Markets worked with HAKAN at Xerox Global Services, Rochester, NY

    “Hakan is fact based driven individual. He is a dedicated driven team player either in support, matrix or direct report role. Hakan is extremely knowledgeable in business development and provides value with each interaction.” Patricia Calderon, Client Managing Principal, Xerox Corporation worked directly with HAKAN at Xerox Global Services, Rochester, NY

    “Hakan and I worked together in the early days of Xerox forming it's Global Services organization. We spent many hours together comparing voice of the customer to options about Xerox's offerings to potential new strategies and technologies. This time spent together along with Hakan's exceptional visionary skills allowed him to be a key strategist making him instrumental in the shaping Xerox Global Services. He is a passionate professional, with an excellent work ethic who sets the standard not works to one. I would highly recommend Hakan, and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again in the future one day.” William K. (Skeeter) Harris, Business Development Manager, Xerox Global Services worked with HAKAN at Xerox Global Services, Rochester, NY

    “Hakan is a consummate strategist. He has his finger on the pulse of technology. He thinks far outside the box - and then puts the pieces back together in a unique and powerful package. Hakan is intelligent, fun to be with, decisive and moves quickly. As the head of R&D I often "strategized" with Hakan on new directions. I respect Hakan tremendously and greatly enjoyed our professional relationship.” Marcia Olson, Vice President, International Development, Xerox Corporation worked directly with HAKAN at Xerox Global Services, Rochester, NY

    “Hakan Akbas is a highly intelligent, well informed, visionary thought leader who was relied upon to enable our transition from traditional "box" merchandisers to outsourced business services partners in Xerox Global Services. Hakan was responsible for strategy design and development at the core business of XGS. He was regarded as intensely immersed in setting direction for offering development and marketing. I sought Hakan's perspectives on global business climate and profitable opportunities for XGS.” Luis Martinez, SPHR, CCP, Consultant, Human Resources and Talent Acquisition, Xerox Corp. worked directly with HAKAN at Xerox Global Services, Rochester, NY

    “Hakan and I worked together for a number of years while he was at Xerox in the Global Services division and I was managing Xerox's corporate alliances with Sun Microsystems, IBM, and others. During this time, Hakan was always very supportive of working to help grow these alliances through joint go-to-market and business development initiatives. His keen understanding of Xerox and partner technologies, market needs, and the services and solutions that could be developed to meet those needs, were invaluable to our partnerships. His ability to brainstorm ideas that lead to fully-qualified and professional proposals, while ensuring that multi-faceted teams are all engaged and onboard, is very unique. Hakan is also an extremely friendly and outgoing person. I miss his presence at Xerox and wish him all the best.” Craig Ephraim, Director, Corporate Alliances, Xerox worked with HAKAN at Xerox Global Services

    “Hakan had tremendous insight and enthusiasm for the business and had exceptional leadership skills. He could make decisions quickly and he was a great colleague for collaboration as well.” Joseph Lovallo, Manager, Bid Desk, Business Process Services Line of Business, Xerox Global Services, Xerox Corporation worked indirectly for HAKAN at Xerox Global Services

    “Hakan is one of the "quickest minds" I ever had the pleasure to work with. He has a great analytical framework that he brings to bear on start-up businesses. His insights were very helpful in getting our consultancy at Xerox Global Services off on the right foot. He made himself very accessible - I could always count on Hakan for a unique point of view when I needed it.” Paul Wlodarczyk, Strategy Principal, Xerox worked with HAKAN at Xerox Global Services

    “Hakan has supreme command of both strategic and tactical business challenges and solutions. His vision and ability to communicate these with CXO's has allowed us to form a partnership and drive incremental revenue for both companies (Sun and Xerox). He is well versed in project management and drives those around him for results.” Fritz Rupp, was with another company when working with HAKAN at Xerox Global Services

    “I would highly recommend Hakan for a senior management postion overseeing a new business venture or business development role. Hakan has proven his leadership and resourcefulness at all levels of management. Hakan has demonstrated the management and leadership attributes required for new business initiatives.” Marty Millner, Research & Development, Paychex Inc. worked directly with HAKAN at Xerox Global Services

    “Hakan's leadership has been instrumental in clarifying the Xerox Global Services portfolio of offerings. This portfolio is reflecting the paradigm shift from a hardware to services led strategy.” Tom Bisko, Global Deployment Manager, Xerox Global Services, Inc.worked indirectly for HAKAN at Xerox Global Services

    “Hakan sets the standard for excellence, self imposing those standards rather than having standards imposed. Strategic decision maker, who keeps the organizations' vision and values at the forefront of his decision making. Maintains his focus on work when under stress. Maintains effectiveness when experiencing major changes. Develops and uses collaborative relationships to attain goals” Regina Conway, National Staffing Consultant, Xerox Global Services worked indirectly for HAKAN at Xerox Global Services.

  • accenture

    “Hakan possesses numerous positive attributes, most importantly that he is smart and able to understand consequences of current actions in the future, the role of a strategist. These capabilities were exceptionally useful and frequently applied as Xerox and Accenture worked toward a new business offering. In addition, his energy level, positive approach, and adaptibility with all problems made him invaluable. Strongly Recommend.” Larry Wirth, VP Commercial Print Strategy, Xerox Corporation managed HAKAN at Accenture (Start-up Venture w.Xerox Corporation)

    “Hakan was instrumental in defining the direction of a new organization formed between Accenture and Xerox. Hakan is very well read and has the ability to synthesize mountains of information into usable decision making data. Hakan's work ethic and foresight can contribute to the success of any business venture in any industry.” Joe Hartnett, Director of Sales, EFI worked directly with HAKAN at Accenture/ Xerox Start-up Venture Principal, Corporate Strategy & Business Development Group

    “Hakan is one of the best people I have ever worked with. His insights and vision in driving new strategies and business development made working with him very beneficial. His professional work ethic and can do attitude made it very enjoyable to work with Hakan.” Stephen Hollis, Manager, Corporate Business Strategy, Xerox worked directly with HAKAN at Xerox Corporation

    “Hakan is a go-getter. He was a great contributor in Corporate Strategy. Smart, quick, thorough, fun.” Fred Heller, worked directly with HAKAN at Xerox CorporationMarketing Strategy Manager

    “Hakan proved an effective leader able to adapt to any project or assignment given. In addition, his great attitude and work ethic makes working on projects with Hakan a very pleasurable work experience.” Stephen Hollis, worked directly with HAKAN at Xerox Corporation / Office Document Products Group


    “Hakan is a brilliant strategist with excellent analytical and communication skills that provide great leadership. He's a tremendous team player and someone I'd enjoy working with again!” Marjorie Stell, WW Product Marketing Manager, Eastman Kodak Company worked with HAKAN at Xerox Corporation / Office Document Products Group