We work with C-levels in support of their digitization, globalization and government engagement initiatives when the results really matter. We deliver a unique blend of financial, operational and Information technology expertise to deliver sustainable results quickly.

We are unique -- we work with management, like management. We are boutique and experienced. We offer a customized approach to your problems. We are committed to delivering results and leave once we are done, transferring the knowledge. We offer a mix of project fees and success fee to align ourselves with your priorities.

Our offerings include:

  • Investment climate analyses – we monitor and map the business climate and identify opportunities and risks for the core business
  • Geopolitical assessments – we analyse realtime political developments worldwide and derive recommendations for next steps
  • Strategy-formulation – we set priorities together with you and define which topics and tools are essential for a successful business, communication, political, or sustainability strategy.
  • Stakeholder advocacy – we search for the perfect exchange format for a large variety of actors and accompany them in establishing contacts.
  • Partnership development – we show which groups and individuals can make important contributions to business development and business success, and create proposals illustrating how a win-win partnership could look. Our track record in M&A, JVs will be a unique asse
  • Communication consulting – we support communication in political and societal issues and help manage communication crises.
  • Change Management