We advise C-levels in support of their digitization and globalization agendas.

Digitization is fundamentally disrupting how businesses operate and create value. Enterprenuers are redesigning the basic building block of capitalism. Customers are more demanding and transparent via social media/Internet, competitive landscape constantly evolves with new companies exploiting new technology, which enables them to go global without being big themselves.Airbnb and Uber and others are pioneering a new sort of company that can do better job of turning dreams into businesses.

Globalization ~ an ongoing shift in global economic activity from developed to developing economies, accompanied by growth in the number of consumers in emerging markets, are the global developments that executives around the world view as the most important for business and the most positive for their own companies’ profits over the next five years. Conducting business internationally means more than just trade, but a fundamentally new growth strategy supported by a new organization structure and enabling capabilities.

Regulations have multiplied since Enron scandal of 2001-02 and the financial crisis of 2007-08, Hence more public companies are going public and experimenting with new forms of organizational structures. Organizations find themselves frustrated with how to identify, prioritize and engage with public stakeholders to drive business results where regulatory challenges are paramount in industries such as pharmaceuticals, energy, food, telecomunucations, and finanial services.

Our offerings include:

  • Investment climate analyses – we monitor and map the business climate and identify opportunities and risks for the core business.
  • Geopolitical assessments – we analyse realtime political developments worldwide and derive recommendations for next steps.
  • Strategy formulation – we set priorities together with you and define which topics and tools are essential for a successful business, communication, political, or sustainability strategy.
  • Digital transformation - beacoming a digital organization requires fundamentally changing how you conduct business. We can help you define your goals, develop a digitization strategy, and execute alongside with your management.
  • Change management - when you introduce a change to the organization, you are ultimately going to be impacting one or more of the following four parts of how the organization operates:processes, systems, organization structure and job roles. With our unparalled track record and decades of hands-on experience, we can work alongisde with or in lieu of your management in the interim to help you unleash your upside potential.